Real People Stories

Before my children started their primary school education, they used to crawl into bed every night with me to ask me questions about my childhood. They asked the same questions every day and never grew tired of listening to the same description I gave. I loved the earnest gleam in their eyes, their pupils and ears focused on every detail I outlined. I could see them tracing every word released from my mouth into their vivid imagination. Then, one night, my younger son asked, “Can you tell us more real people stories and write them into a book?” He was so sincere and curious to know what people around us did every day and how life differed for each of them.

Inspired by his inquisitiveness and touched by his belief in me as a writer, I decided to pen Real People Stories. I have written so many chapters of the people in my life in the last 3 years. More recently, I have also decided to pen down my thoughts and emotions as I accompany critically ill patients for their consultation and treatment at the hospitals from my day job. It’s been painful to watch them undergo surgery, cancer treatment and sometimes get warded in high dependency or intensive care units. When life draws to a close, it will be a tragedy to realise that paper chase and the rat race for materialism are no more significant to nurturing meaningful relationships. I have learned so much about life just by being there for the patients. I am thankful every day that I have a home to return to, and family members who love me and communicate with me. Most of these patients I look after may belong to a family, but there is no communication or love between members.

Real People Stories are accounts of my observations and learning experiences. Just as they have humbled me, I hope that my readers will take time to reflect upon their lives too. It is important for us to always be mindful of what our purpose in life is every day. What matters is if we are truthfully grateful for our gift of life and if we make it our conscious effort to live each day as meaningfully as we can. Life begins and ends with love from the heart.

Sincerely Yours

I am Tank Full of Love.




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